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Pay Per Click (PPC) is the purchasing of keywords on websites to advertise your services. It is called PPC because you pay for each click that comes over to your website. Our PPC Campaigns drive a ton of highly relevant traffic that converts extremely well. We match the budget and strategy to suit your needs. We make sure all components of the PPC Campaign are cohesive to maximize the user's experience and get them to become a lead.

While many PPC companies simply send the user to the homepage and leave the user hanging there, we send the user to specific pages on the site to match exactly what they are looking for. Doesn't this make sense? Techniques like this make us the industry leader. We do what's best, not what's easy.

First Class Leads

Because our ads are highly targeted, you only get the visitors you want... ones that are serious about buying from you!

Fluid Strategy

We don't have a canned approach to PPC Marketing. We work with you to help meet YOUR goals. Want to drive used car traffic? Want a branding campaign? Great. We can do it.

Custom Landing Pages

We don't just dump the user off on the homepage, we create custom landing pages that work with the ad to get the user converted into a lead. The landing page is what converts the user. The Ad simply funnels the user into your site. The Ad tells you what type of person is coming to your site. Once you know the type of user, we build pages around their persona to optimize their experience.

Remarketing Stand Alone SEM

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  • High Quality Leads
  • Increases Internet Exposure
  • Lower Cost Per Conversion
  • Custom Landing Pages