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Craigslist is an online classified community, and has been dubbed the "newspaper killer" for its dominance over traditional print media. It may be the only site you can use to buy a car, look for a job and connect with a date in one sitting.

Did you know?

Alexa lists Craigslist as one of the top 10 most viewed websites in the United States, beating out other major websites like LinkedIn, Bing, Netflix and ESPN!

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The Autofusion Craigslist marketing solution has been extremely successful in delivering quality leads for several of the dealerships that I represent. Autofusion automated processes take all the work out of the dealership, saving hours of labor costs, and their solution is the most cost-competitive that I have seen in the industry. I would recommend that anyone looking for a worry-free and cost-effective solution for Craigslist marketing to take a good look at Autofusion.

- Michael Tyman (Professional Success)

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