Cost Per Lead (CPL), How To Make Sure Your Dealership Isn’t Overspending

Cost Per Lead

If your dealership is averaging $30+ for a form/phone lead on Facebook.. you’re overspending. Autofusion is averaging $7 Cost-Per-Lead on the same ads. But how?

Cost Per Lead

Facebook Marketing can be a tricky channel for a lot of automotive dealers. When done haphazardly, it can be a real money pit that costs your dealership a lot of money- only to produce minimal results. However, with the appropriate partner and strategy, your sales department can finally start to maximize the results while lowering the overall dollar amount spent.

Some of the ways we are able to produce such reliable results for our Facebook Marketing dealer clients include industry-specific optimization strategies, such as:

  1. Active Ad Management: We stay ahead of all META platform changes and updates, which allows us to maintain a synchronicity with the algorithms that drive your engagement.
  2. A/B Testing: Your dealerships digital marketing team should already be in the habit of A/B testing, but we believe that this is one of the most under-utilized optimization strategies out there. Not only should you be A/B testing the obvious campaign settings (i.e. headline, CTA, body content, delivery schedules, etc), but you should also test things like landing page design, colors, fonts, imagery and more. A/B testing leads to better advertising results 100% of the time. Cost Per Lead
  3. Optimized Display Images: There are lots of ad formats on Facebook which show limited textual content, which is why we add overlays to your Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA). These overlays create a readable and relevant set of details and value statements, which not only work to draw more eyes, but to provide more value to the prospect, which leads to a higher quality conversion.

Some examples of “Why-Buy” value proposition content we like to include in our display ad image overlays:

  • Store Branding - Logo, Taglines, Address Etc.
  • Product Details - Price, YMM, Body style, Key Features etc.
  • Offers / Value-Added- 3 Day Exchange Policy, Home Delivery, Easy-Financing etc.
Cost Per Lead

Utilize tips and tricks like these to make sure your top prospects are not simply scrolling right past your AIA’s. Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms on the planet, it can also be a full-time job staying ahead of this stuff. A lot of dealers find that it’s easiest to partner with a reputable and experienced digital marketing agency to reach their full potential.

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