Vehicle Photo Software

Vehicle Photo Management Solution for Car Dealers


Autofusion provides our car dealers with an easy-to-use solution for getting their car inventory photos into their online listings. Our software is simple to understand and saves both the dealer and photographer time.

Using the Vehicle Photo Management Software starts with uploading a vehicle's photos in a batch. Our software then automatically groups the photos as they are uploaded. Select the best photos out of the group and enter your inventory Stock Number or the VIN number of the vehicle. In just a few seconds, you have inserted the vehicle's photos directly into its online inventory listing.

We make it easy for our car dealers to keep their new and used car inventory up to date.


  • Saves you and your photographer time
  • Easy to use user-friendly interface
  • Takes only moments to learn
  • Upload photos directly to our FTP server
  • Your vehicle photos are automatically grouped
  • Select the photos you want to use
  • Assign them to the vehicle by VIN or Stock Number
  • The photos instantly appear in your inventory

Mobile Photographer App

We make it easy to upload photos to the correct vehicle

Working in conjunction with our Vehicle Photo Software, Autofusion's Mobile Photographer App offers photographers a way to simplify the task of uploading vehicle photos to your website. We even provide you with the tablet hardware to ensure a smooth, reliable experience every time.

Our Mobile Photographer App will help you automatically group the photos you take with the correct vehicle. At the beginning of each photo session, simply tap the vehicle that you're shooting, take your photos and then tap the vehicle again. Any photos taken during the session will be grouped by VIN quickly and painlessly.

Once you're done with your photo session, plug your camera into your computer and use our Image Uploader software client. If you need to make any last-minute corrections, you can, but all you really need to do is click upload!

Mobile Photographer App

Mobile Photographer App
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  • Saves you time and hassle when managing your images
  • Makes it easier to add photos of your vehicles to your website
  • Your vehicle photos are automatically associated with the correct vehicle
  • Quickly edit vehicle data and options, if needed
  • Preview a window sticker or buyer's guide for any vehicle!

*Setup fees apply, please contact our sales associates for more details

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