Are you unhappy with your
website vendor?

Most vendors sell you on the guarantee of more leads, but won't
work with you to customize the products based on your needs. They
expect you to do everything on your own and provide terrible
customer service once you've signed a long-term contract.

Here's howAutofusion is different

We offer a unique partnership that emphasizes customer
service and customization, as we work with your dealership to
customize your online advertising how you want it.

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The features of the Autofusion Advantage

we do 100% of the work

You don't have to use a website management system
anymore. We take care of everything, allowing you to focus
on producing ideas that will generate more sales. Whenever
you need something, just contact your personal support rep
- our talented designers and engineers will do the rest.

Customization included

We'll customize each of our products to
best suit your needs and work with you to
build your marketing approach. We are
committed to helping you meet your goals.

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Personal Support Representative

You receive a personal support rep for
your dealership. They are dedicated to
ensuring that you are satisfied with every
detail of your online advertising.

What We Can Do

Stand out from the Competition

If your website doesn't emphasize your
strengths, then why should car buyers visit
your dealership? We'll work with you to
create a website and online advertising
plan that clearly shows customers why
you're the best choice.

Accurate Reporting of Results

We share results so we can work together
to make effective marketing decisions for
your dealership. We understand that trust
is the key to building a lasting relationship.

Month-to-Month Contract

No long-term contracts! We're confident
you'll stay with us because of the level of
service that you can't get anywhere else.
Every month, we will work hard to prove
we are not just your website vendor
- we're your online advertising partner.

Online advertising is crucial toThe success of your dealership

Nearly every shopper visits your website before visiting your
dealership. If they have a poor experience on your website
because they can't find what they want, you lose their business.

Do you experience these common website problems?

We will solve your problems, save you
time, and turn your website into a
more effective advertising tool.

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You spend too much time updating and maintaining your website.

Our Solution

You directly contact your personal support representative by phone or email whenever you have a request, and we'll take care of the rest.


Your website management system is confusing and complicated to use.

Our Solution

You don't have to use a website management system anymore! We do all the work for you and can customize anything.


Your website doesn't stand out from your competitors.

Our Solution

We work with you to design a custom website for your dealership. After it is built we will gladly customize it and add the content and features you want.


Your vendor is difficult to reach and slow to respond to your requests.

Our Solution

Your personal representative ensures that your requests are completed in a timely manner and will provide you with updates on their status.

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Want to learn how we can improve your dealership's online advertising?

We'll show you how our products
can be customized to meet your needs.

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2021 AWA Award Winner

2021 AWA Award Winner - Autofusion - US Website

Autofusion is a 2021 AWA Award Recipient!

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