New Trend Update: Google AdWords for Mobile

How the Rise of Mobile Browsing Changes PPC for Car Dealers

Over the past few months, Google has made significant moves that show the company aims to become a dominant player in mobile advertising. Starting with the creation of Android and producing new smartphone devices, Google continues to expand by acquiring Motorola and releasing Google Wallet. While many online marketing professionals in the automotive industry have begun to discuss the ZMOT study, what isn't often discussed is why Google chose to publish the study in the first place. What.s also interesting is that Google has continued to push its GoMo initiative to spread awareness about why businesses need mobile websites. All of these pieces reveal a larger trend: Google is preparing for higher search traffic from smartphone users.

Ever since the first iPhone came out in 2007, a consistent upward trend has been in growing mobile Internet use and apps. Google has now been working closely with AdWords pay-per-click management companies to help businesses advertise using Adwords for Mobile.

Mobile Marketing

Google AdWords for Mobile Features

To activate these features, it is best to create a separate campaign to target mobile users, and pair your mobile ads with mobile website landing pages. Based on Google's research, "mobile-only campaigns help drive an 11.5% average increase in mobile click-through rates compared to campaigns that combine mobile and desktop ads". When you create a mobile campaign in Adwords, remember to set it for display on only .mobile devices with full Internet browsers. and uncheck the boxes next to desktops and tablet computers. The more tailored your campaign is for mobile users, the better it will perform. If your dealership already has a mobile website, ask them to create mobile pay-per-click landing pages for your new mobile AdWords campaign.

Results We're Getting With Google AdWords for Mobile

Our Autofusion team has been creating and launching new mobile-only AdWords campaigns for our clients since Google first announced the GoMo initiative. So far, the results have shown incredible improvement in overall click-through rate and reduced cost-per-click. The slides below present a summary of these results. From what we've learned from our campaigns and meetings with Google representatives, the practice of separating AdWords campaigns between desktop and mobile display improves quality score, lowers cost-per-click, and increases click-through rates. The combined result is increased web traffic and more qualified leads. To learn more about how to optimize your Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising for mobile devices, feel free to get in touch with our SEM team.

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